TV Series: Homeland S02 (2012) – Sophomore Season Still Sensational


I am not sure whether I prefer S01 or S02 of Homeland. They are almost mirror images of each other. I can’t claim the idea of my own though – the folks on Afterbuzz gave an excellent analysis of the show that I listened to this morning in the car and they were right that everything is reversed here: Carrie thinks Brody is guilty in S01 vs Carrie thinks he is innocent in S02. Brody is determined (well until the end) to follow through with his mission in S01 whereas he is trying his damnedest to get out in S02. I think that it was a strong season and I totally appreciated the new characters (Roya but especially Quinn) and the suspense. The finale had me on the edge of my seat the whole time thinking that they were going to pop Brody. Yes, the Quinn-Estes confrontation was a little forced, but like Afterbuzz, I loved that Quinn got to be the “guy who kills bad guys”.

That is not to say that the scenario was flawless though. The cluelessness of Jessica, the love-sick eyes of poor Mike, and the hissy fits of Dana got to be a little overbearing at times. Worst was the improbable re-instatement of Carrie as Station Chief (really? a bipolar officer in a love affair with a known terrorist, you are kidding right Saul?) The scene where Carrie and the Red Shirted Marine face Nazir was a little ridiculous as well. But, I suppose that doesn’t take away from the overall creativity of the writers. The touch of re-inserting the black-and-white confession from Brody at the very end was a stroke of genius and for me was one of those “damn, why didn’t I see that coming!” moments.

Some predictions? Well, I think that we see Brody on the run for the first few episodes but that he fades from the script. After initial hand-wringing and so forth, Jessica, Mike, Chris and Dana will probably fade to the background as well. I think that Carrie will convince Saul that it wasn’t Brody but that they will have to try to stop Black Ops from popping him while trying to get more out of Roya and following other leads into the Al-Queda network. I guess the mystery is whether Carrie hooks up with Quinn during the interim…Well, like the other 2.4M viewers on Sunday night, I can’t wait to see how they continue the story in S03 next fall.


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