TV Series: Dexter S07 – Slow Start but Fantastic Finish!

cap68I was really disappointed with S06 and thought that S07 had really started to wander. Gone was the one “bad guy” that eludes Dexter all season until the finale. Gone also was the “monster a week” that gave the show its notoriety. Instead, we had a bevy of bad guys and not-so-bad guys, a myserious Kashka brotherhood (mysteriously not pissed at Quinn for nearly killing their barman), and a new love interest for Dex in Hannah. The whole lovey-dovey thing was overplayed over the length of the season I think. Actually, there were loose ends left all over the place that didn’t rein in until E12 which for me is probably the best Dexter episode since the finale of S04 – the deaths of Trinity and Rita. Here Deb steps up and over the line, La Guerta nearly gets Dex but meets her maker in the end. More importantly, the transformation of Dex from monster into human is nearly complete and the chaos that comes out of this is palpable. The conversation with Harry near the end was – and here I totally agree with the Afterbuzz folks – one of the greatest dialogs in Dexter. The “ass-kissing” advice from Matthews was hilarious. That being said, I don’t see in E10 how Hannah could possibly have given Deb the poison – that is a bit of a hole in the plot. Plus, we see her plastic-strapped to the hospital bed before she wakes up. How did she get those off so quick, did I miss something? Plus, it is vague as to whether she bites him or what when they kiss at the prison. On the other hand, the flashbacks to Doakes were fantastic – love that old haircut there Dex! And thanks Doakes for the mofo title to this episode! He was such a badass – wish they would have gotten more depth out of that character. That’s another thing, this episode finally had a rhythm that oscillated between chilling, tense, and funny which really worked throughout and made this episode stand out. Plenty of loose ends to tie up in the S08 wrapup next year. Does Deb take out Dex and take over his cleanup of the bad guys? Who takes out Dex: Deb or Hannah? Or does he get jailed? suicide? I think that he goes down by Deb but I cannot guess how. I can’t see how Deb comes off of her murder of La Guerta unscathed and how they could end this TV show without finally killing Dex off. And it would be totally jumping the shark if Dex and Hannah saunter off into a murderous red sunset together in S08E12.  We’ll just have to wait for next fall to find out, right?


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