NSFCCDP Film Review: Jack Reacher (2012) – Tom Cruise perfectly balanced


[NO SPOILERS – I promise]

Many Tom Cruise flicks are too adulating on what a gorgeous guy he is, etc, etc. like Mission Impossible or even – going way back – Top Gun. Jack Reacher, however, does an excellent job of letting him act and even joke about his sex appeal with Sandy and Helen about it without crossing a sentimental line. I say that because when I saw the trailer – and not having been aware of the popular book series from Lee Child/Jim Grant – I was not enthusiastic about seeing the film. My friend m.poulet insisted and so I decided to give it a try and was pleasantly surprised. I liked how they set up the initial intrigue with the sniper shooting and how the action never let up. Perhaps one little nit is that the bad guy is pretty one-dimensional, but then that is asking probably too much from a B-series type film as this.

I can’t speak to how faithful Cruise is to the literary version of Jack Reacher, but his acting in this film is perfect. The film itself is not over done, punctuated with humour, and completely action-packed. The chase scene is extremely well-shot and riveting. As m.poulet pointed out, the fist-fight at the end is the perfect length of time – not drawn-out but just enough to keep the adrenalin up and give the expected come-uppance to the bad guy. The acting of the secondary characters – particularly that of Rosamund Pike and Alexia Fast – was good as well. I loved the cameo of Robert Duvall as Cash – always nice to see him on the screen.

Perhaps as an overall package, this was the best film I saw in 2012. I think I was more entertained by The Avengers, but it had its fill of holes in the storyline as I wrote about when it came out. This film is balanced and well-written with tight dialogs, relatively bullet-proof plot, and a bad-ass Cruise. One side note: what is it with the heroes this year without kick-ass weapons (Daniel Craig only had a single gun, most of Looper has the heroes stumbling around without the blunderbuss, etc)? Strange…

Stay tuned for a final list of my films of 2012…


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2 Responses to NSFCCDP Film Review: Jack Reacher (2012) – Tom Cruise perfectly balanced

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  2. Rick says:

    I’ve read the first four of the Jack Reacher books this year and I’m looking forward to seeing the movie. But I’ve heard others with the same concern as me for this film. Much of the Jack Reacher character is built around his size. He intimidates people with his 6′ 5″ frame and 230 pounds. It goes along with his past like as a Military Policeman. It will be hard to look at Tom Cruise and not keep thinking that he’s no 6′ 5″, 230 lb giant. I’ll guess that he funded the movie in order to secure the role. On the bright side, they didn’t pick some character from the WWE stable to bring muscle but no acting chops to this. There are a lot of books centered around this character. It would seem to be something around which they can make more films.

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