Paris Burger Wars, Part 4: East Side Burgers – the Vegans enter the arena!

eastsideburgersMy most popular post of the year was about burgers of all things. Well, why not continue that theme with a review of the latest burger emporium that I visited last weekend: East Side Burgers. This skinny restaurant just next to the intersection of Richard Lenoir and Boulevard Voltaire, definitely on the east side of the canal and of the city. It has a nice red brick and mortar appearance (I’d be inclined to call it a “Brooklyn look”) but with a French character (ironic signs on the wall in French, etc).

east side burgers parisThe food itself is veggie burgers or veggie dogs (including Vegan options for folks of that particular religion). They also have the habitual cupcakes and other homecooked (and vegan) tartes and such. I had an Oriental burger (chick pea humous, zucchini, and algae tofu (no really, it is good and not gross, trust me!) and it was tasty. The kids had the veggie dogs and while my daughter loved hers, my son was on the fence. The wife had an eggplant and zucchini tart and was not blown away. But, the fries were quite good as was the cole slaw.  I’ll probably need to go back particularly for the Basque burger to get a better idea of the other burgers they make, but I’d say that it was worth the trek out east of the canal for this burger.

Will 2013 continue to bring more competition into this already crowded market? Will California Cantina start getting some left bank competition or will the war stay pretty much localized to the right bank? And, will East Side Burgers reign in the Vegan space or will others rush to compete for the Teva-Patchouli market? I, your faithful writer/burger reviewer will be here to tell you about it in any case 🙂



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6 Responses to Paris Burger Wars, Part 4: East Side Burgers – the Vegans enter the arena!

  1. Pierre says:

    I was there last weekend too, and I had the basque burger. It was very good! The staff were very friendly! Thank you Stephane! Yes, for sure I will go again. I wish all the staff all the best! 🙂

  2. Xavier says:

    What I really miss in France is Wendy’s and its baconator. Discovered it in Philippines and really would like to have it in Paris. Obviously baconator is not veggie so much 😉 Cheers and happy new year from Bali 🙂

    • mfinocchiaro says:

      Baconator? You’ll have to explain that one! I wish we had Burger King or – even better – Five Guys Burgers and Fries. Wow, Bali! Enjoy the weather – its much colder back here, I assure you!

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