TV Series: Justified S04E01 – Raylan is back!

justified-season-4-new-premiere-promo-photos-and-key-artThe first series to start the mid-season for me was Justified last Tuesday. Timothy Olyphant incarnates Raylan Givens, the unshakable Federal Marshall with a host of friends and enemies all over the redneck countryside around Harlan, KY. Season 4 starts as a sort of reboot of the series as we are introduced to a host of new characters (including the excellent guest appearance of the hilarious Patton Oswald (of US of Tara fame) and his Go bag) and still have the incredible Walton Goggins as Boyd running his criminal enterprise in the background. According to the Justified podcast, Raylan and Boyd won’t cross paths until E05 this season, so it looks like we are in for a lot of fun. This episode opens with an open parachute and paradoxically bloody splat of a body as well as a few keys of coke and – most importantly – a leather bag that will fuel this season’s intrigue. Getting too curious about the origin of the bad becomes fatal for at least one character on the show. As for Raylan himself, he is back to his bad-ass self, working on the side as a bail bondsman for a sexy ex “friend with benefits” and has an awesome rapport with the guy that he hauls in. I couldn’t really find any weak parts of this episode as its mix of violence and humour was in just the right proportions for it to be so highly entertaining. If you are not caught up on the show – although you really should watch the first three seasons as they are well worth it and incidentally reviewed on this blog – since this serves as a reboot, you can watch this first episode of season 4 without getting lost or anything. Raylan makes it worth your while.

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