TV Series: Star Trek Enterprise (2001) – A great new beginning

star_trek_enterprise_poster_by_chrisstian-d2yurkfOK, so it was like 12 years ago now, but I never watched the last series of Star Trek ever produced, Enterprise. Actually, I missed Deep Space 9 and Explorer as well, but my trekkie friend m.poulet has been encouraging me to check out Enterprise for a while. I am glad he did because it is a highly entertaining show. I watched the first season over a few weeks (thus the precipitous drop in posts lately – well, that and life resuming a breakneck pace). In this prequel to Star Trek: The Original Series (or TOS as it is know to us geeks), Captain John Archer leads the first starship for deep space exploration (and also the first from earth that can exceed Warp 4) on some adventures with an interesting crew. Trekkies will recall that Archer is at the origin of the United Federation of Planets – I suppose that will be seen sometime in a later series. His first engineer is the funny and sometimes goofy Tripp boasting from somewhere down South with his accent. The relationship between Archer and Tripp is similar to that of Kirk and Bones. The weapons officer is the British loner Malcolm. I can’t recall there being a specific armaments guy on Kirk’s ship. The parallel character for the unforgettable Uhuru is the cute (and debate-ably more gifted) Toshi. The ship’s doctor is a hilarious alien, Dr Floss who has some of the greatest lines on the show. But the most exciting character is clearly T’Pol, the drop dead gorgeous Vulcan science officer. She is extremely well-player and thickly layered in terms of character. Many old friends from the Star Trek universe are encountered – the Ferengi, Klingons, and Andorians – as well as other story arcs like the Temporal Cold War. The effects are not usually cheesy although the theme song is without question the worst one in the history of the series. I was pleasantly surprised and captivated by this show and look forward to watching the remaining three seasons to see how it winds up. The one thing that bugs me to be honest though: no one EVER dies. They didn’t just get rid of the red shirts, the crew of the Enterprise are seemingly all immortal because no matter how dire the circumstances, the fallen comrades are always brought back to Enterprise and cleaned up by Floss. On the other hand, I love the consistency of this universe with literally hundreds of fictitious beings and a 400 year timeline. Always fascinating and though sometimes silly, I found it quite captivating – even if Malcolm and Tripp couldn’t get a little action during shore leave 🙂


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