NSFCCDP Vintage Movie Review: Star Trek II – The Wrath of Khan (1982)

1982-star-trek-ii-the-wrath-of-khan-poster1In keeping with the sophomore series I started last time with Empire Strikes back, I decided to look back 31 (oh god!) years back to Wrath of Khan to see how it too stood up to time. I have such incredibly fond memories of this film and was not disappointed to see it again. The reunion of the principle cast members was full of humor and friendship (lubricated nicely by Bone’s gift of blue Romulan Ale). Montalban’s Khan was pretty awesome too. Despite having borrowed lots of sequences from Stak Trek: The Motion Picture, for the most part the special effects are good. I especially liked the design of the Reliant and the red uniforms. I found that this film showed a far more obviously military aspect of the Federation than we usually see which I found a bit unsettling.

kirstie-alleyBLALOCKI was also reminded of the original sexy Vulcan, Saavik, played by a young Kirstie Alley. She was Spock‘s favorite and sort of a goodie two-shoes but still kept together under the pressure. She was pleasant to look at throughout – especially when they regain the Enterprise after the episode down in the tunnel. This reminded me of the more recent sexy Vulcan, T’Pol from the Enterprise series played by Jolene Blalock. I think that T’Pol was actually a bit sexier and perhaps Jolene a better actress, but perhaps some readers would like to dispute that observation? I’d also give a nod to Jolene just because she isn’t a brainwashed Scientologist like Kirstie unfortunately is. Or did I miss another sexy brunette Vulcan in one of the films or TV series that is competition for these two?

The most ludicrous piece of suspension-of-disbelief was the sudden disappearance of the nebula and the formation of Genesis in the complete absence of any matter with which to build a planet. Hmm, I guess you cannot always be consistent, can you? I read on IMDB as well that during the battles, there was some inconsistency between the damage inflicted on the ships in subsequent shots. To be honest, I never noticed any of this when I saw the movie last about 20-odd years ago so I don’t believe it takes away from some of the greatness of this movie. Because after all, besides the legend and the special effects – and much like Empire Strikes Back – this movie is really about friendships – Bones and Kirk, Spock and Kirk, Spock and Saavik. The thing that holds this universe together is the bonds that are made between the characters and it is what has always gravitated me more towards the Star Trek universe more than the Star Wars universe.


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