Patience is a virtue…and a book review: The Outfit by Richard Stark

patienceI am not normally a very patient person. Some might go to the extreme of calling me impatient in fact. But I am learning. After almost 3 years of struggle, I have seen several of my initiatives come to fruition at work recently and realized that my patience paid off. There were several moments of hesitation where I wanted to throw in the towel because I thought things were not moving at all, but I hung in there, continued to build a diverse and fairly huge fan base, and delivered high quality output. For the moment, it seems that blue skies are ahead and I am feeling really good. So, to celebrate, I am going to enjoy Justified and read some more…

imagesBut before I do, a friend suggested a book to me called The Outfit back in January which I went out and purchased. Well, actually, I bought the wrong one by Richard Stark which is a fictional novel as opposed to the one my friend meant which was by Gus Russo and is a non-fictional history of the Mob. I will go and grab the Russo book, but in the meantime, the Stark one was pretty fun. Apparently, Stark passed away in 2008 after writing about 24 books featuring the main character Parker. He is sort of like a Raylan gone bad who is highly intelligent and a dangerous killer. The book was about his revenge on the Outfit where he tries to free himself of the bonds they put on him. I liked the flow as well as the descriptions of the characters and mob operations. The Outfit is a very entertaining and relatively light read and has been adapted by Darwyn Cooke into a great comic book as well.

PS. Justified S04E08 was brilliant! The shootout between Raylan and the assassin and the confrontation of Boyd with the Cloverdale group…awesome television!

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