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TV Series: The Americans (2013) – Great New Nostalgic Show about the good ol’ Cold War Days

I believe that one of my blog followers (Rick or Jon perhaps?) suggested a new FX series to me a few months back, but I only got around to it last week and now I am hooked! The Americans airs … Continue reading

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Classic Rock Battle: U2’s Achtung Baby vs Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon

At first glance, these are two very different albums separated by 18 years from two groups with vastly different sounds. And yet, for each group the album represents the exact middle of their studio recordings and was both a milestone … Continue reading

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Being Dad: A Surreal Parisian Open Doors Experience

Living in the City of Lights has its ups and downs and a large share of surreal moments – particularly when dealing with any portion of the French administration. Saturday, the various municipal centres for sports (besides the city pools … Continue reading

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NSFCCDP Movie Review: Cloud Atlas (2012) – Webs of Self-Realization and their Consequences

I finally got out to the cinema after a 3-month hiatus, but I was well-awarded with the excellence that is Cloud Atlas. Actually, I was with NSFCCDP’ers m.poulet, juju, and his gf. In this article, I propose to cover several … Continue reading

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Club Review: Village Vacances du Soleil aux Menuires – Good Family Vacation Spot in the World’s Largest Skiing Domain

As I have done on a few occasions (like here and here), I thought I’d give my readers (particularly those in Europe that are parents of little monsters) my impressions from the ski vacation I just finished at the Village … Continue reading

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Book Review: American Pastoral by Philip Roth (1997)

It is getting exceedingly rare to find books that are well-written and yet hard-hitting and surprising at nearly every turn. Usually, you get just one (like the nearly unreadable Infinite Jest that I can still not get through) or the … Continue reading

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Life Lessons from TV: Management and the Walking Dead

Maybe it is a bit far-fetched, but I got to thinking about the question of leadership on the Walking Dead and figured there might be a blog post there relating to management skills. Currently, the show has two leaders: Rick … Continue reading

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