TV Series: The Walking Dead S03 – they keep falling like flies…


[SPOILER ALERT: I am assuming you (along with at least 12.4 million others (!!)) have watched the show so please forgive the spoilers. To those TWD neophytes that may come across this post: I think that there is enough suspense and unpredictability in places that even after reading this, the season will not be spoiled for you…but you are warned.]

One of the biggest sensations on TV just completed on Sunday. The 16-episode Season 3 of The Walking Dead was arguably the most exciting season of the show and perhaps the best produced as well. It introduced three of the primary characters from the comics: The Governor, Tyreese, and Michonne and killed off a few favourites (Lori in particular). The opposition of Team Prison vs. Team Woodbury was lots of fun although how it ends for the Woodbury lot is a bit pathetic. In fact, that is my one complaint about the whole season – the final episode. I was expecting more of a fight and I think all fans were expecting the Governor to finally pay a price for his evilness. I mean, I thought that Glenn and Maggie were fairly good shots and they couldn’t hit a single fleeing person once they left the prison? Come one! I guess after the excellent of the previous episodes, it was a little bit of a let down.

Here are my favorite episodes of Season 3. E03 “Walk with Me” is where we learn about Michonne, we meet Merle again, and we learn about the foreboding character of the Governor. I think it was one of the strongest episodes in terms of storytelling and character development. E12 “Clear” was amazing as well when we get to see what has become of Morgan and how Michonne gets to be accepted by Carl. Lastly, I think that E15 “This Sorrowful Life” with the amazing story arc of Merle including his demise was nearly perfectly constructed and just great filmmaking and storytelling. I know, I ought to mention E14 “Prey” with the chase in the factory (featuring what reminded me a lot of music from one of the Romero flicks), but it was still sort of one-dimensional.

Overall, I think that I grew more attached to Carol, less attached to Rick, repulsed by the Governor (but amazed by the acting of David Morrissey!), and was ready to say goodbye to Andrea and her fumbling feet (as pointed out on the podcast, where is the pedicure shop in Woodbury again?). I think the most impressive acting – besides that of Morrissey – was that of Michonne and Daryl, both complex characters played perfectly.

In terms of greatness, The Walking Dead does tell a good story, but it is not above some sillyness and we in the audience hand-fed many of the conclusions we are intended to draw. Yes, there are plot twists and they mislead us on purpose, but it is still highly entertaining. I would not rate it in the pantheon of Sopranos-Mad Men-The Wire-Breaking Bad quite yet because I think that The Americans has more potential for that spot as well as Justified or maybe even Magic City, but it is probably a good Top 10 or Top 15 choice.

Some predictions for Season 4: Rick will go back and try to save Morgan from himself; the Governor will team up with Neagan from the comics and the Woodbury survivors will not be long for this world. I think the prison will be overrun by about Episode 2 or 3 and we will get some new digs – probably even more desperate and depressing – for the survivors: Rick, Carl, Beth, Judith, Maggie, Michonne, Tyreese, and Carol. I think that Herschel and Glenn will not make it that far…We just have to wait until October to find out!

So, what did you think dear reader? Please don’t hesitate to comment. Oh, if you do like this post and you got to it via Facebook, please like it on FB because the metrics for various popularity meters on the web such as Klout don’t count WordPress blog hits, sadly. Thanks 🙂


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2 Responses to TV Series: The Walking Dead S03 – they keep falling like flies…

  1. Ed M. says:

    I watched the S03 finale last night and agree that it was probably the strongest season so far. The finale ratcheted up the suspense another notch with the the Andrea/Milton story line and the conclusion of the Woodbury/Prison conflict, but was ultimately a bit anti-climactic. Oh well. Nice touch at the end with Rick, Lori ,and Carl and the implications of righteousness versus ruthlessness. Looking forward to a great season 4.

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