TV Series: Justified S04 – Raylan and Boyd back to square one

justified-fx-s5I think Justified this year was an excellent season. Some web pundits are saying that S02 was the best series ever for Justified. And yes, Mags was an extraodinary bad “guy”, but I really liked the writing and dialog on S04. There were some super characters whose arcs ended with the season (Nicky Augustine and Colt) that made for great entertainment. It was not “a bad guy a week” like in S01 and there wasn’t really “one really bad guy” like in S02 or S03, but the mystery man-Drew Thomson chase story was fun as we learned details week after week. The strongest episode was E11 “Decoy” where the dialogs between Boyd and Raylan, Art and Tim, and Tim and Colton were all amazing.

The themes this season focused on the parallel but very different choices and destinies of Boyd and Raylan. Boyd’s choices have cost him greatly (his brother’s betrayal due to his jealous love of Ava, Ava’s arrest, the lost money with Detroit despite the new heroin deal) and he is back to where he was in mid-S01 with no real close complices. Raylan nearly goes over the line with the Marshal Service and he nearly loses Winona (well, technically he has probably already lost her) and the baby and he has no close friends either – but – he is still on the right side of the law and now has the credit for the Big Case concerning Drew. The other parallels drawn between their respective conversations with Ava and Winona, the opposition of their characters in various situations, and the propensity for violence in both men is fascinating to watch and highly enjoyable.

It remains to be seen how they write out S05 but I expect that we will see the baby girl, Art’s retirement, Raylan’s settling but restlessness as he has lost his father and his father figure (Art), Boyd’s revenge against Paxton and quest for getting Ava clear…loads of great TV to come, just a long 9 months to wait…

Did you enjoy S04? Please sound off in the comments 🙂

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