TV Series: House of Lies S02 (2012) – The End of the Pod?

HOL-house-of-lies-tv-show-33268262-1440-1080-1House of Lies had another spectacular season that ended last week. It was hilarious and fun and I’ll be so impatient to see what happens to Marty, Clyde, Doug, and especially Jeannie next year! This year, the style was much more narrative than last year’s “this is management” consulting style but it worked just as well. I liked the storylines about the new characters: the crazy Vegas casino owners, the insanely hilarious Dushkin twins, the Doug-worshiping and possible crazy Sarah, the conniving Tamara, and the over-confident Julianne. It started out really awesome with the “who is the client” sketch and was also aided by the excellent (and accurate!) “team-building” exercise and just went up from there. I think that Monica’s transformation into lesbo-supermom and back into sex-maniac-wackjob required extraordinary acting on the part of Dawn Olivieri. I think the montage in the dildo factory was genius. As for the final subplot, I won’t spoil it for you but leave it to say that the end was a cliffhanger. And absolutely hilarious to boot.

The acting of Don Cheadle and the rest of the team is believable and incredibly witty. Jeannie as a character is very sexy and complex and carries a lot of weight in the show. The gimic of “what really happened that night at the end of Season 1” was excellent. I think the whole Marty-Jeannie story arc provides lots of depth to the show. And my absolute favorite moment all season was the discussion between Marty and his reflection in the closing seconds of the final episode. It was brilliant film-making.

In a nutshell, this show combines intelligent humor, great writing, and insight into modern corporations and this makes it unique and incredibly entertaining. It should be a required elective in BSchool. Definitely worth catching up on season 1 if you missed it before checking out Season 2. You won’t be disappointed!

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