More Paris Burgers: Loulou’s Friendly Diner – A Great Left Bank Grill

IMG_7719A reader of this blog and colleague suggested Loulou’s to me months back and I was finally in the neighborhood to be able to check it out. On the Blvd St Germain within striking distance of The Abbey Bookshop (stop by and say hi to Brian!), it has an authentic diner feel and inside as well as outside seating. The menu is not exclusively burgers though: they have milkshakes, Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, salads, breakfast, omlettes, etc so it is more in competition with H.A.N.D. than Big Fernand. Despite my initial skepticism of the word “Friendly” in their name (Paris is definitely not known for smiling service), the service lived up to the name and was very friendly and accommodating. As far as the burger was concerned, they have a single patty one which is shown in the photo, but they also have a double-patty one. I think they should rename it the Jenna Jameson because it looks like a heart attack between two buns. A few downsides: (1) not enough fries (they were OK but not as good as Blend or Big Fernand) (2) not enough cole slaw (once again, decent but not extraordinary) and (3) it is NOT cheap – the burger is about €17. How does it taste? Actually pretty tasty. I had the Loulou Burger while has nice grilled, greasy onions and compté cheese and I thought it tasted really good. The bun was also yummy.

Overall, I’d say that it is great because it is pretty lonesome over there on the Left Bank (I hear that Breakfast in America has a pretty mean burger too…) and given the plethora of crappy touristy, over-priced, under-quality restaurants in this neighborhood, I was happy to discover a good burger in a relaxing, friendly atmosphere. Check it out 🙂


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4 Responses to More Paris Burgers: Loulou’s Friendly Diner – A Great Left Bank Grill

  1. Erik Spierenburg says:

    That was exactly 1 week too late Mike 🙂 I was at Thales (facing DS and PTC offices) Fraday last. Went to the Musée de Cluny to so I would have been near this place too. Oh well, there is always next time.

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