TV Series: Breaking Bad Redux – A look back to the end of S03E12 and E13 – Half Measures and Full Measure

 IMG_0185I am so excited about the final eight episodes of Breaking Bad S05 that will air starting this August that I am watching with relish each of the episodes once again. I am up to the end of Season 3 now and, boy, was that a STRONG ending! The screenshot here of the standoff between Gus and Walt demonstrates the extreme quality of the camera work and lighting and the cinematic aspect to how they film the show. They are about equal distance from the edge of the frame and yet miles and miles apart. The New Mexico sunset behind them adds to the drama and heightens the suspense. Both episodes were very strong, but in particular, Full Measure had a nearly perfect balance of drama and humor. The humorous bits were Marie getting a “rise” out of Hank so that she would win her bet and get his “feeling sorry for his ass” self back home. The other hilarious bit was the Odenkirk/Saul confrontation with Mike. I always love the hypocritical integrity of Saul as here when he gives up Jesse‘s address by suggesting that it just might be on a paper on his desk. Then, Mike gets us again with his totally bad-ass assault on the oxy storage facility where he wastes, what, 6 cartel guys? and then shoots the guardian in the arm to get their asses out of there to the hospital. This is totally classic Breaking Bad and reminds us why we are so sad when Mike goes out in S05.  As for the action, holy shit was it hot and heavy! Starting with the end of Half Measures where Walt runs over the two hoodlums and then shoots the one survivor in the head leading to the confrontation in the photo above at the beginning of Full Measure, the final episode does not let up. There is so much packed into E13 that you barely see the time go by as you watch it. The performances of Giancarlo Esposito and Bryan Cranston are riveting throughout. I love the last meeting between Walt and Jesse at the Laser Tag (another hilarious Saul moment!) place where they barely have to say words to understand each other and loved even more Walt’s acting when confronted by Mike and Victor at the lab. His pathetic plea for mercy was incredible acting and was such as excellent setup for the call to Jesse which, of course, has tragic consequences for Gail. How much better can television get than this? I know that Season 4 and Season 5 raised the bar even further, but this pair of episodes must go down in my book among the top 2 or 3% of Breaking Bad awesomeness.


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