Paris Burger Wars Part 5: PNY (Paris New York) – great ambiance, OK burger

IMG_8074In my continuing investigation of the hot Parisian Burger scene, I tried the relatively new entry, PNY down at 50, rue Faubourg St Denis. It is a cozy place (about twice the size of Big Fernand and I think it has a second floor for even more seating). I like the facade a lot and the inside is light and airy. As a side note, this part of the 10th is BUZZING big time with loads of restaurants popping up everywhere, I’d like to say that it is the “new” Belleville! And, even better, it is right next to the best Jazz Club in all of the City of Lights, New Morning!


Its menu features only four burgers, one of which is a veggie burger. There is (unfortunately) no alcohol served, just soft drinks. And the fries are actually an extra cost (two minuses versus Big Fernand and BLEND). That being said, the presentation of the menu on the clipboard is clever, the serving of some drinks in mason jars, the baskets with both normal and balsamic vinegar ketchup and two kinds of tabasco sauce also are positive aspects.



IMG_8076As for the burger itself, I had the Vintage Cheeseburger and fries. The portion was about the same size as either BF or BLEND and the plates were totally vintage. I ordered medium-rare and got rare to be honest but it still tasted pretty good. The fries were home made but – again unlike BF – not spiced up or anything. Overall, the meal was pretty much OK but nothing that I would cross town for to be honest. Or perhaps, I just have a penchant for buns with sesame seeds? Anyway, this one is not knocking Big Fernand off its well-deserved pedestal.



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