TV Series: Star Trek Enterprise S02 – T’Pol’s alliances shift and Archer proves his mettle

Enterprise-Season-2Season 2 of Star Trek Enterprise was as good or better than S01. It was pretty action packed where some of the new villains from S01 like the time-travelling lizard-like Suliban are back and loads of new species are discovered. The characters also are painted with richer colours exposing both strengths and weaknesses. I really appreciate the core of the crew. It is a LONG show – it took me two months or more to get through its 26 episodes – but it is rewarding. There are some excellent episodes here including Carbon Creek with the fascinating back story about early Vulcan/human contact, the brief collective insanity during Singularity, the romantic encounter for Trip in Precious Cargo, the tense and exciting Catwalk, mind-meld aftermath for T’Pol in Stigma, an awesome, chilling and explanatory Borg encounter in Regeneration, the first test of Archer’s father’s warp engine in First Flight, a horny T’Pol in Bounty, and the backstory for season 3’s bad guys, the Xinda in The Expanse. We get Klingons and even an imprisoned and escapee Archer in Judgement and the aftermath where the Klingons have actually but a bounty on his head in the aforementioned Bounty. There is also first contact with the Romulans in Minefield. Throughout, the crew has multiple tests of their ability to work together and accept different cultures and points of view – some of the key features of the whole Star Trek genre (and of Gene Roddenbery’s world-view) that make this show so compelling.

I was really impressed with how the Archer character filled out in this season. We see him take on many roles with pizzaz – a great leader, a great fighter, an excellent pilot – even of alien ships while researching nebulas, a risk taker – particularly when pushing something he believes in or defending his values, and both a good friend and when necessary stern boss. He seemed a bit one dimensional in S01 but was far more fleshed out in S02.

Tucker is also better filled in as a character as well with strengths as an engineer (we learn why he is Archer’s engineer in First Flight) and weaknesses. In particular, his actions although well-intended lead to a suicide in Cogenitor but he seems right back in the saddle and on Archer’s good side in the following episode. I guess that was one thing that I had a hard time with, because more of the rest of the plot devices and character development were great as were the special effects.

I am impatient to watch S03 now and sad to realize that there are ONLY 52 more episodes…


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