TV Series: Star Trek Enterprise S03 – The Xindi: My Enemy is My Friend

startrekenterpriseWow, I really enjoyed Star Trek Enterprise S03. And yes, I know that this is a decade old but as I previously explained, I am just catching up. This season featured a relatively constant storyarc around the conflict with the Xindi. I really liked the alien species of Xindi – especially the reptilians because their costumes were so cool – but wondered how the aquatics could have possibly built those massive spaceships with just three fingers and underwater…I mean does electricity not short-circuit underwater in their part of the galaxy or something? I was also a little bothered by the M.A.C.E. team on the Enterprise as it seemed to be a bit of a Semper Fi patriotic move which seemed to me to be a bit against the original tenants of the Star Trek universe. Archer definitely grew a pair in this season as he showed cunning and ruthlessness in his dealings this season and that was a radical departure from his character in S01 and S02 I felt. I liked – as always – T’Pol and her evolution into a drug-addict and emotive Vulcan. I just wondered whether the ship’s tailor was and why she was allowed to change her uniform from episode to episode whereas the other crew members were always in the same one. Dr Phlox was hilarious as always. He is probably my second favorite doctor after Bones. I felt that the other characters: Malcolm, Merriweather, Hoshi, and Tripp didn’t really evolve very much either. I also found it curious how Chef was still talked about all the time but we never actually saw him. I haven’t watched S04 yet but wikipedia seems to say that he will be played by Next Gen’s Ryker in the final episode.

What I liked here: the space battles particularly in E23 and E24 and around E19 or E20 when the Enterprise gets bashed up pretty bad. I also appreciated the suspense around the Xindi

What I didn’t like: the military aspects and the pseudo-flag waving with M.A.C.E. complete with fallen comrades (most likely influenced by 9/11 and Iraq War I would imagine) and the lack of evolution of characters like Hoshi until the next to last episode where she shows some real substance.

Overall, it was a good and I will be watching the last Enterprise once I catch up with Arrested Development, The IT Crowd, and perhaps Downton Abbey…

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