TV Series: Game of Thrones S03 – A nice day for a red wedding…

ZansWI am a bit late writing this article, I know. GoT ended a week ago. I am not going to say that I still haven’t gotten over the Red Wedding although I admit it was a great moment in television. It has just been a matter of time and priorities. I am not sure I can safely assume that everyone is up to speed on the end of S03 yet, so I’ll avoid spoilers as to the events in E10. And I can’t admit to having advanced much further in reading the books. I am still only about halfway through the first one. I guess I got spoiled by the TV show this time around. This particular season is on the same par of excellent as S01 and S02 with the focus shifting on different characters than S02 – Tyrion is still excellent and present but less so than in last year; there is a bit more focus on Daenerys (yeah!); there are new characters like the sadly-fated Ygritte, the viscious and evil Ramsey Bolton, the strong and admirable Brienne, and the cunning Daario Naharis. That is one of the aspects that makes this show so interesting – the universe of characters, the constant shift of perspective – the massive chessboard of the seven kingdoms plus the lands beyond the narrow sea. There was definitely a climax in E09 that elicited massive reaction on the net (see this link but also there are loads more out there) and it was a stupendous, horrifying and surprising episode. I think that each episode was well-crafted and intense. I loved the rapport that built up between Jaime and Brienne and which parallels the on-going relationship between the Hound and Arya. All fans had to love seeing Joffrey getting bitch-slapped by Tywin as horrified at the torture of Theon by Ramsey. The music was also over the top once again. I ironically stated on comment on another blog that perhaps they could have remixed “White Wedding” by Billy Idol to say “well it’s a nice day for a red wedding, Ned its a nice day to..die again!” but other fans preferred the boding silence. Overall, we see that the forces are starting around the fire an ice theme as Daenerys continues to gather extraordinary amounts of power and the White Walkers are now beyond The Wall. Season 4 has a LOT to live up to after such an excellent Season 3, but I get the feeling that  Benioff and Weiss will be able to pull it off.

A trivia note in case you didn’t know already: In several interviews, Benioff and Weiss have stated that it was the reading of the Red Wedding episodes in the books that gave them the inspiration to create and produce the entire show – in order to produce and film that one episode.


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5 Responses to TV Series: Game of Thrones S03 – A nice day for a red wedding…

  1. Jon says:

    S3E9 is one of the best episodes in TV history. That being said, I cannot get behind all of the applause for this show. There are too many characters and story lines. Great shows and movies allow the audience to get more intimate with a few characters. A good comparison is “the Wire”. Each season introduced new story lines and characters, but there was much better continuity and depth from the core cast. “The Sopranos” also had continuity and depth. Is GoT good TV – yes. Great writing? No.

  2. Nice review
    You have a year to Finnish all the books, just before season 4 starts. Believe me its worth it.

    Thanks for linking to my site

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