TV Series: Mad Men S06 – The times they are a changin’

mad-men-season-6-posterWow. That was a breathtaking finale to a powerful Mad Men season. It was intense and well-written. There were so many surprises here, particularly in the very last episode! Keeping with tradition, I will not throw any spoilers out there. I think that this may have been the strongest season yet. The story arcs were all involved and we learned so much more about Don but also Peggy and Megan. There were really no weak episodes over the whole season. I was really blown away by the writing every week. The new characters – and especially Bob Benson – added a great new dimension to the show and revealed more about the fundamental motivations of Pete and Joan. Roger grew a bit after his mother’s death in E01 and the episodes that John Slattery (who plays Roger) directed (E07 and E10) were both outstanding. John Hamm (who plays Don Draper) directed the outstanding E02. Somehow they were able to keep the energy and consistency up. The tension builds all season as the whole Don-Sylvia story builds and breaks, as the firm expands…it is all extraordinary television. And all capped with Exec Producer Matthew Weiner‘s finale. I won’t spoil it but I really did not expect the twists that the episode takes – particularly for Don. I am nearly speechless because it was so masterfully done.

I think we have one more season to go in Mad Men. I will probably have to return to this theme in a few weeks after chewing on it and allowing my readers to catch up and watch the final episode because there is definitely more to say about Don than I can say here without a spoiler.


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