TV Series: The IT Crowd (2007-2011) – A pseudo-realistic view into the incredible IT world

The IT CrowdOK, so maybe the word realistic is a bit of a stretch. This short-lived BBC 4 show is a recent discovery for me and kept me addicted for the last few weeks. There are only 24 episodes (sigh), but they are all hilarious. Whether we are following the ill-fated visits of Roy to the 7th floor (oh the calendar! on S03E06) or intrigued by Moss’ haircut, the  show delivers laughs and guffaws galore. I was sitting on a plane just this week and laughing out loud watching these guys. Jen is their manager and completely inept at…well just about anything: men, IT, work…One of the classic moments in the show is when the boys convince her that the entire internet is in a metal box with a blinking red light (“The Speech”, S03E04). OK, I know, you had to be there. However, even if you are not a geek or IT freak like yours-truly, the humor is still rampant. I think perhaps my favorite episode may be when the boys try to talk “football” (“Are we not Men?” S03E02) and perhaps also the introduction of the nutty and hilarious Douglas character (“Return of the Golden Child” S02E02). The acting, particularly that of Richard Ayoade as Moss was great. The only annoyance is the laugh track but, I suppose that even perfect geek humor has to come with a hitch.

Rumor has it that there will be a special episode this year and that it is actually in production now. Doing some research on the actors, I learned that Ayoade also did a comedy sci-fi spoof called  Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace and a new show on HBO called Family Tree starring Chris O’Dowd that played Roy. Checking those out now!


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