Classic Comix Review: Daredevil Born Again – One of the grittiest and best comix ever

ddborn000My NSFCCDP friend m.poulet suggested I get a little more up to speed on my classic comix and he strongly recommended Frank Miller’s Daredevil. I found Daredevil Reborn on a recent business trip and was blown away. I remember the DD costume from glancing through comics as a kid, but never read the story and felt like a moron when I said to m.poulet, “Oh, so he’s BLIND!” No shit sherlock. He is the blind superhero, that’s why Matt Murdoch is super strong and fearless. His adversary King Pin is a massive, evil mofo that nearly succeeds in annihilating Daredevil entirely. The artwork of David Mazzucchelli is stupendous. The story itself is definitely rated NC-17 at least with multiple references to hard drugs (poor Karen!) and prostitution (poor Karen again!). The story arc leads Matt nearly to insanity and despair before his epiphany and rebirth. I could not put it down for a second – it engages you from the first page and keeps you breathless until the end. Towards the end, there is another killer bad guy, Nuke, and the intervention of Thor, Captain America and Iron Man in a great confrontation where the Daredevil has to back down. I won’t put in spoilers because perhaps some of my readers have not had the pleasure of this extreme classic in the genre, but there is a happy ending. The other good news is that there are rumors of a Daredevil film to come…

Truly one of the most complete and impressive comics ever, I’d place Daredevil Born Again up with The Dark Knight Returns as one of my all-time favorites.

PS. Also reading Invincibles by Kirkman (Walking Dead). Enjoying it immensely but was I purchased the Compendium, there are like 500 pages so it’ll be a while until I finish. Never sure whether I should do play-by-play or just a summary…

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