TV Series: Girls S01 (2012) – Sex and the City, but with REAL women

girls leadLena Dunham must be the most sincere person like ever. In Girls, she writes, produces, and acts in some of the most honest and brutally self-critical TV I have ever seen. The show runs for 10 episodes and I will be soon watching the second season. If you have missed this one – and in particularly if you are female – you are missing out. Big time. Here we have four very normal women friends in New York City figuring out life. They are not all gorgeous stereotypes like Carrie&c. but rather normal chicks with weight issues, sexual issues and diseases, intimacy issues…there is no Mr Big here, no shoes shopping episodes and no “who is dating who this week” episodes. Just hard -hitting, unflinching comedy. It is daring as it deals with controversial and intimate subjects like abortions, std’s, and masturbation all in a healthy and respectful way. I really enjoyed Hannah (the character played by Lena herself) and her relationship to Adam (played to a “t” by Adam Driver) – they are brilliant together. Charlie, played by Christopher Abbot, and Marnie are also a lovely failure as a couple. Jessa has the most amazing sensuality of being mysterious and strange and free and arousing al while not being the “perfect” body…and her hookup with Thomas-John (played hilariously by Chris O’Dowd from The IT Crowd and now Family Tree) is classic. That leaves us with the most unlikely but cutest couple (albeit LATE in the season) of Shoshonna (Zosia Marnet) and Ray (Alex Karpovsky) who are both wonderful in their roles too. The show is realistic and raw but still kind to the characters and generous to the audience. I especially loved scenes such as the failed three-way with Marnie, Jessa, and Thomas-John (laughed HARD out loud), the failed play of Adam (he is such a great actor!), and almost love-making with Marnie in Charlie’s apartment, and the diary scene. Each episode was entertaining and cute without overdoing the cute and over-dramatizing or dumbing-down the entertainment. I can’t wait to watch S02! Thank goodness that the show was mentioned on a podcast or I might have missed it entirely…now to watch Dex and Ray!

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