Breaking Bad Mania: looking back at Problem Dog

Picture-48-560x315Like many other BB fanatics, I am going stir-crazy in anticipation of the final 8 episodes of Walt/Heisenberg and the coming confrontation with Hank. I know it will be explosive. I have been off and on trying to re-watch all the preceding episodes and watched Problem Dog, S04E07 which I found to be a standout episode among so many incredible episodes. I think it represents an important key to the final season as it reveals the connections that Hank makes between Gale Boetticher, Madrigal, Pollos Hermanos, Gus and Blue Meth. I had not remembered this and it makes the revelations in S05E08 that much more poignant as Hand realizes he has been right all along, just that Heisenberg has been one or two steps ahead of him all the time…I also found that this episode revealed some incredible acting of Aaron Paul – his breakdown at the addiction group (I finally realized that the guy leading the group was none other than Winn Duffy from Justified (Jere Burns)) which I found to be believable and moving. This was also a key episode as it sets up the tension that will start to build in E09 “Bug” and culminate in the explosive E13 “Face Off”.

I am running out of time to watch the rest of the episodes before 11 August but will have some vacation time between now and then. Once again, for those readers that STILL have not tried BB, I would encourage you to try to get caught up because there will be SO much media attention to these last episodes and I don’t want you to feel left out in the cold.



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