TV Series: Girls S02 (2013) – Lena Strikes Again and it is Out of the Park

GirlsSeason2-tThanks to a podcast interview of one of the writers of Breaking Bad or some other show I am obsessing over, I found the show Girls of which I already reviewed the first season earlier this summer. As honest as Season 1 was, Season 2 was even more brutally honest. It was funny, dramatic, touching, moving, and always entertaining. I appreciated the voyeuristic aspect of peering into the lives of these young adults 20 years younger than me and try to remember if I struggled with some of the same things as the guys in the show (well, actually, I didn’t). I was so happy to see Adam back as well as – with some jealous reluctance – Charlie. I enjoyed the unpredictableness of how Lena keeps the viewer guessing what will Hannah think of or do next. The whole OCD bit in the last few episodes was pretty amazing really – I have not read any interviews with her as to whether this is a personal affliction or something she added to the fictional character but it certainly looked realistic. As always, I am loath to spoil the plotlines for those that might read this article and go out and watch this wonderful show, so I’ll just say that it is a quick watch (only 10 episodes at 22 min each roughly) and well-worth your time especially if you have a twisted sense of humor and can deal. Enjoy!


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