TV Series: Breaking Bad S05E09 – Hank vs. Walt, Round 1 is a break-even

Breaking-Bad-Season-6TV’s best show is back and ready to kick ass. I re-watched all of Breaking Bad over the last few months and in particular spent time on the end of S04 and the first half of S05 in preparation. I was not disappointed in the least by the episode on Sunday night – the first of the last 8. The showdown between Hank and Walt was nicely foreshadowed in the flash-forward (when Hank peers at the skateboarders in the pool) which itself continued the enigmatic one at the beginning of S05E01. The writing and acting doesn’t get much better this. I won’t throw in any spoilers for those that still need to catch up, but I will venture to guess at some possible plot trajectories based on the episode titles as posted on Wikipedia’s Breaking Bad entry.

“Blood Money” was about Jesse’s guilt over the $5M that Walt gave me in S05E08 and of course the continuation of Hank’s discovery of the identity of Heisenberg. I am guessing that “Buried” will be about Drew, the boy that was buried in the sand after Todd killed him – we will probably see Todd again. I think that Declan will show up as well as he may discover that Walt was skimming on his meth production to feed his Czech deal.  “Confessions” will probably be Jesse learning the truth about Jane, Mike, and/or Brock which sends him off on a rampage as a “Rabid Dog”. “To’hajiilee” is an Indian reservation on the border of Albequerque – will there be a standoff here between Walt and Declan? Walt and Lydia? “Oxymandias” will probably be the huge downfall of Heisenberg as this is what the Shelly poem title seems to indicate. I think he will run to the “Granite State” and am completely mystified about “Felina” unless this is a feline Lydia being perhaps attacked via the ever-present ricin that Walt recuperates…

I called the confrontation in E09 a break-even between Hank and Walt because while Walt did threaten Hank, he also revealed himself to truly be Heisenberg which Hank probably needed as well. This is far from over…

Who lives and who dies? Hard to say but I hope that somehow Marie, Skyler, Holly, and Walt Jr all get off to some witness protection somewhere before the big showdowns that will most likely kill Hank and Gomey as well as perhaps Saul and Jesse. I don’t see Walt surviving but who knows, Vince always keeps us on our feet and he has the last episode completely in his hands as both writer and director…

Breathlessly waiting for the next 7 episodes…


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