NSFCCDP Movie Review: Kick Ass 2 (2013) – a rare case of a good sequel

kick-ass-2-postersI missed Kick Ass in the cinema – heard about it from fellow geeks and had to watch it on DVD. I really did enjoy it. The Watchmen-like premise of superheros devoid of superpowers but far more lighter and fun. The sequel is equally fun with loads of high school humor and loads of action. I daresay that this film is darker and possibly more violent than the first one – the death of Kick Ass’s father is particularly gruesome. Hit Girl‘s evolution into adolescence is done well although perhaps with a wee-bit too much cliché. The names of the superheros and especially the supervilains were especially hilarious. This is the kind of film where you have to take everything at face value and there is not much to be read behind the lines. Yet, it is funny, entertaining and even occasionally touching. OK, so the end of Mother Fucker seemed predictable to me, I still walked out of the theatre with a smile and a little chuckle to myself – far more than I can say for more recent geek flicks like those I have reviewed so far this year. This was a quiet lonely session for the NSFCCDP with only yours truly in attendance, so I don’t have any counter-opinions or validations this time around. If you have seen Kick Ass 2, let me know what you thought in the comments.

Next up: Gravity?

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