Movie Review: Metallica Through the Never – Soon-to-be-classic Concert Film


I know that it had its detractors and that the promotion has been a little over the top by the Four Horsemen themselves. But, I was really entertained. The concert footage was awesome – I loved the camera angles, the close ups, the wide shots. The special effects were fun – the Ride The Lightning chair with the Tesla coils being particularly appropriate and the blind justice built and destroyed was fun too. The story of Trip was of course just a backdrop bu provided occasional excitement particularly for Master of Puppets and Cyanide. The Apocalypse Rider was a cool character that I appreciated.

But the real story is of course the music. If there was any doubt about the capabilities of Lars, James, Kirk, and Rob to play
with passion and incredible speed, they will be dispelled after watching this film. We are treated to songs off of every album (except for the unjustifiably vilified St Anger and the Beyond Magnetic EP) including the standards such as Battery, Master of Puppets, One, Enter Sandman, and Hit the Lights. Having seen this tour from 2012, I can honestly say that it does capture the energy and showmanship of Metallica. I really enjoyed when they regrouped around Lars at the end and jammed for the last few songs. And I loved the little touch of watching them play Orion to a stadium empty of all but (lucky dog!) Trip.

I certainly think that this film will certainly please most Metallica fans. For the uninitiated, I am not sure that it will make new fans, but it still should rank relatively high among concert films. Check it out 🙂


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