NSFCCDF Movie Review: Ender’s Strategy – Quidditch in Space?

enders_game_yaThe SciFi this year has been, well, disappointing to say the least. Some had hinted that Ender‘s Strategy would continue the upward shift since the great Gravity helped make up for the disasters of Star Trek Into Darkness and Elysium. Well, I was not impressed. It was just me this time around so I’ll have to ask my readers to comment and give their opinions, but I found the movie a little boring to be honest. Now, admittedly, I did not read the book (oh, honestly I didn’t even know it was a book before), but this just seems like Spy Kids in space or something. The main actor was OK but a bit scrawny for such a supposed badass. Harrison Ford‘s character was predictably sinister and his acting was a bit flat. The Ben Kingsley character towards the end was just OK. His tattoo and story reminded me a little too much of that of Harvey Keitel in The Piano to be honest and despite the fact that he is an exceptional actor, I felt that his role here was a bit static and plagued by awkward, boring dialogs. Plus it looked like he had just woken up from a coma all the time. And why is it that all aliens these days have this insectoid form like in Enterprise Season 3? Well, it just seems that the really evil ones do – these ants looked pretty nasty but how would they ever have developed any technology without thumbs?  They didn’t seem to have any subservient species doing their handiwork for them. OK, so they had some kind of psychic power that allowed them to sort of speak with Ender through his dreams but could they fabricate an entire intergalactic fleet just with brain power? Hard to believe I think. I also got bored with all the good kids-bad kids and the space version of Quidditch that repeated over and over again in the film. I didn’t think this was as insultingly stupid as Man of Steel or Pacific Rim, but it was disappointingly stale in terms of screenplay and character development – way too black and white. Plus, I just didn’t like the stupid ending where he takes off like Noomi Rapace at the end of Prometheus into deep space to recolonize some other corner of the galaxy with the ant babies. Bitch, please! A little originality please. Too highly derivative for me. 2.0/5.0.


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