TV Series: Boardwalk Empire S04 – Death and Glory on the Jersey Shore

1000920_632616263436123_2018585284_nWARNING: Spoilers in this article so please be warned!

The 4th season of Boardwalk Empire made no concessions and no excuses. The new bad guys – Narcisse and Knox – wreaked havoc but got some comeuppance. I really liked Narcisse, but felt that the connection to Marcus Garvey should have been made clearer a little earlier in the story. Knox was a real badass and hard to pin down until the end when we realised indeed how incredibly crazy he was. Eli once again went through hell because of his twisted, complicated relationship to Nucky. The tragic Gillian is allowed to come back from a serious heroin addiction to be condemned for her murder back in Season 3. Then there was the whole Chalky storyline with the brief but legendary Oscar near the end of the season. I love how they are evolving Chalky and how more and more of his character is revealed to us. Fortunately, we got a look at Margaret’s life post-Nucky and at the very end we see that Rothstein is taking care of her…interesting twist for S05. Nucky’s dealings in Florida were kind of interesting being that I am from there but the real focal point for me of the season was the closure of the Richard Harrow story. On the after podcast, they surmised that the actor playing Richard (extraordinary work!) probably got a few Hollywood offers and needed to be removed because otherwise, he was really my favorite character in the whole show. His lonely death at the end (foreshadowed by his confession of love for Jimmy’s son and now his ward Tommy and his goodbye to his wife). Overall, it was an outstanding season full of action where we also see Van Alden getting in tight with Capone’s mob who himself accedes to the top of the pack in Chicago. Exciting possibilities for next year. Excellent writing and direction end-to-end. I would be loath not to mention the wonderful singing of Daughter Maitland who I suspect we will see again.


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