TV Series: The Walking Dead S04-Part 1 – So THAT’s what happened to the Governor

walking-dead-season-4The Walking Dead once again extended its season to 16 episodes and gave us an 8-episode taste in the fall with the rest coming in February. I thought this half was OK. I didn’t really buy the sudden illness in the prison taking off so quickly and found it was just filler as they decided whether to bring the Gov back or move on to Negan and/or Elijah. The former won out as we see in the last few episodes. I think the best episode of this half-season was actually the backstory episode S07 about what did happen to him after he murdered the remains of Woodbury. It wanted to believe that he had found some kind of peace but knew that he was still the psycho deep down that was hellbent on killing Rick regardless of the cost. The death of his surrogate daughter was a bit corny in S08 as was his last second death on the end of Michonne’s katana, but I suppose that we ALL saw that coming. It was sad to see Herschel go, but then it was a bit overdue. I will admit to an overwhelming feeling of hopelessness at the end of S08 when – worse than at Herschel’s farm – everyone is scattered over hell and creation as the prison goes back to an uninhabitable living graveyard.

I am looking forward to Negan and wondering, whether like in the comix, he takes out a major character and at what point they introduce Elijah. More importantly, they seem to have already exhausted their options so where do they survive now? Back in the town with the crazy Morgan? I hope that we are not going to be living on the road for the rest of the season like we did during S01/S02 because I fear that it will be a bit repetitive. I guess we have to just trust Kirkman and the TV writers to surprise and scare us in February…and I really hope we see Carol again!


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2 Responses to TV Series: The Walking Dead S04-Part 1 – So THAT’s what happened to the Governor

  1. Ed M. says:

    The Guv’s storyline turned out to be far more compelling than the nonsensical prison illness storyline. It will be critical for the new episodes to establish something fresh and significant. Walking around killing biters with increasingly spectacular gore has become passé.

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