TV Series: Sons of Anarchy S06 – And I thought GoT was bad at killing of fave characters!

Season-6-Wallpaper-sons-of-anarchy-35519787-1600-1200SPOILER ALERT!

OK so where to star? This was complete madness particularly towards the end. I guess that Clay’s time had come by the time last season had played out but the way he went out was so brutal. Plus the Kings and…Tara? Now that was a shocker. And of course makes us wonder what happens to Jax next season. I thought that SoA returned to the excitement and intrigue of S01 and S02 that made me a fan before the middle seasons kind of wandered and became less interesting.

I found that there were lots of shocking moments here: the first being when Juice kills the innocent mother of the psycho kid. It was also well-written that the aftermath of that murder would become a factor at the end of the season as he confesses to Romeo. The next shock was the transformation of Jax into Clay by murdering Clay (and the rest of the Kings except for one) – that was fairly well-acted (even if Hunnam gets annoying with those damn white sneakers and that poor lost little boy look all the time) and believable. Of course, the killer shock was the death of Tara at (predictably nonetheless) the hands of Gemma. Holy moly! And Juice once again redeems himself by doing the dirty work. Will he ever get fed up with this at some point? I was happy that Jax bought Tig’s life back and that Tig got to hang with Boyd Crowder oh I mean Walton Goggin’s female character Venus (a genius character and portrayal even if it was an awkward fit in the plot overall). I felt a bit disappointed with all the build-up when Bobby was sneaking around and it turned out that he was just recruiting for the Sons. Not a brilliant plot arc IMHO – I felt a bit cheated there to be honest.

So, what happens in the final S07? Anyone want to go predictions now? Does Jax live at the end? I don’t think so, I think he dies in an accident like his dad did – but not through treachery, just an accident. I think Gemma and Jax have a massive conflict but I get the impression that Gemma survives. Perhaps the big gang showdown will be the united brown-yellow against white-black? And who gets the gavel or does the club just completely fall apart? If this is a medieval morality play that Kurt is trying to sell, then I think the club implodes. But, Mr Sutter has always found ways of surprising us so, I’ll hold off on a hard prediction there. OK, so another 9 months of waiting…for the return and revenge of Jax…


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