TV Series: Homeland S03 – End of the Road for Carrie and Brody

homeland-season-2-poster-1-479x600SPOILER ALERT!

OK, I know this is the poster from S02, but given one of the final images of Carrie drawing the star on the CIA memorial, I felt it was appropriate. We start the season with the aftermath of the Langley bombing at the end of S02 and we don’t even see Brody until E03 in what I thought was a beautifully filmed episode, “Tower of David”. The first twist with the extraordinary acting of Claire Danes/Carrie in feigning insanity and bewilderment all the the master-scheme for grabbing Javani was classic Homeland from S01. That is where this show shines the best – all the cloak and dagger stuff with new gadgets thrown in. I just wish we got to see Max and Virgil because I just love those guys (like how they found the bug in the mouse when they swept Saul’s house – kickass!) They did leave some dangling characters though like Dana and her devolution into maid after the bizarre love story with the last psycho that Dex tracked in S08 – I never quite understood or got into that plot arc probably because I am not a fan of the actor Sam Underwood. As for Saul, he proved to be a badass CIA chief with the whole mastermind – merciless – Machiavellian Javani plot and yet he trusted – to his own undoing with fatal consequences for Brody – the serpentine Dar Adal. Here I would be inclined to agree with some internet critiques of Homeland being a bit Islamophobe because – besides the smart but mousy Fara – the only “good guy” from the Middle East on the show was Dar Adal (all the others were – of course – terrorists) and he was a duplicitous scumbag.

As for the final episode, I kept hoping that Quinn would be operating the crane and somehow run over most of the bloodthirsty crowd and the fence, Carrie would jump on the back of the cab and one of those helicopters would appear out of nowhere and spirit them away. But, alas, Brody hung ignobly above the crowd and the “greater good” was served. I think that what saves this show from just being another 24 is that – like in The Americans – the CIA and the US are not the unequivocal good guys or evil bad guys. They are just the CIA – mostly vicious in its pursuit of the “greater good” but there is no denying the personal risk that their operatives take and that there probably (hopefully?) are a few Sauls (maybe fewer Carries) and Quinns in the real world as well.

So what happens in S04? Does Quinn offer comfort and solace to Carrie? Is most of the action in her new posting in Istanbul or will she find some way to avenge Brody by nailing Dar and the detestable Senator Lockhart? Does Saul get pulled out of retirement? Once again, we will have to wait until next September now to find out. Kudos in the meantime to the performance by Claire Denis which was over the top. If Breaking Bad wasn’t in direct competition here, I’d be tempted to give a nod to Damien Lewis as well because the whole heroin sequence in E09 was incredible.


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