TV Series: Treme S05 – Last call for my favorite Nawlins show

Treme-intertitleIt went out with another amazing set of songs and wrapped up lots of loose ends – Treme is over after 4 1/2 seasons. [SPOILER WARNING!] I am sad to see it go – like I am sad to have never been in Nawlins for Mardi Gras and I always have a sweet sorrow leaving New Orleans after Jazz&Heritage Festival. The final tableau of all the characters over the “To Miss New Orleans” gave my goosebumps more goosebumps and I could not have thought of a more appropriate song to end on. I really loved how Hidalgo redeemed himself by giving  Janette her name back. It was heartbreaking to see Terry leave but beautiful to see him back with his kids. Of course, seeing some of the corrupt cops leaving the building and the bereft father getting some closure also felt cleansing. It was good that they finally brought Sonny back in and that we got to see L.P. back working his stories. I suppose that there was no way that Chief Lambreaux would survive his cancer but it was beautiful to see how Delmont and Albert heal their strained relationship permitting Delmont to truly say goodbye when the lights go out. It was typical of the writers to throw in a measure of harsh reality when they showed one of the 5 shootings that occurred at the 2008 mardi gras but as always, it was done in a clinical manner without rash sentimentalism. I am glad that Antoine found a new place for the kids to practice after school and that Annie got the balls to stand up to her Nashville manager. I always loved DJ Davis and thought it fitting to end with his car and pothole. I will miss this show as much as I miss New Orleans. Thanks to David Simon and the rest of the staff for 5 years of beautiful, moving, challenging, and musically unforgettable television.


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