Movie Reviews: Oldboy (2003) and Pulp Fiction (1994) – two incredible classics

oldboyI guess after Walking Dead and Game of Thrones, my tolerance for excessive violence has dropped considerably. I say that because I recall flinching during Resevoir Dogs and being incredibly tense during the hard scenes of Pulp Fiction and avoiding Oldboy when it came out based on the rumours of extreme violence. Well, there was been a lot of water under the bridge I suppose and with Spike Lee remaking this particular classic (and based on the reviews, not in a particularly creative or interesting way), I watched it this weekend. Wow. Breathless. It was incredible. The fight scene in the hotel hallway was like a Pollack painting – beautiful and chaotic and incredibly beautiful. The acting was out of this world and the plot surprised time and time again. I won’t spoil here because I’d gamble that MANY of my readers missed this particular masterpiece. I would HIGHLY suggest grabbing this one off the Netflix queue (it is on there right?) or off of the iTunes Store (it is definitely on there – I checked!). The violence is above and beyond the hardest scenes of Walking Dead or Game of Thrones (which are legion) – I guess I’d have to re-watch Resevoir Dogs now to see if I have to pause during the razor blade sequence.  A MUST!

imgpulp20fiction1I also revisited the classic Pulp Fiction and was blown away again. This film has it all – sex, violence, humour, language, absurdity, and incredible one-liners. Is this the best movie ever? It must be rather close. The influence it has on all visual media (would David Simon really have attempted The Sopranos with as much violence and humour had Tarantino not pioneered this with success in Pulp Fiction), revamped careers (Travolta, need I say more? Oh, Steve Buscemi, Samuel L Jackson…) And I didn’t even mention the soundtrack – the rebirth of funk and soul in the late 90s can be directly attributed to this – I am sure that the Pulp Fusion series of CDs (all 7 are INCREDIBLE especially volume 5 Fully Loaded which features Jungle Boogie which was also in the movie). There are too many one liners to even start to enumerate. Needless to say, if you haven’t seen this one in a while, get off your ass and do it. Otherwise, Uma might get upset talk to Wallace and that would NOT be a good thing ‘cos he is in a real bad mood right now…


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