Movie Reviews: My Top SciFi Films for 2013

Gravity-1In what should have been a banner year with so many huge titles, 2013 was a bit of a disappointment. My ordered list below:

  1. Gravity was my favorite film because of the mind-boggling special effects and the original story. Would have been even better if Bullock had been eaten by a huge shark at the end but you can’t have it all. Best acting this year: Clooney as Buzz Lightyear – TO INFINITY AND BEYOND!
  2. Oblivion did not impress me at first but when I look back at the piss-poor selection of movies and disappointments, I probably (a) should lower my bar a bit (b) give this one credit for being a “pure” scifi plot (c) not diss the film just because I hate Tom Cruise and his stupid christian scientism. Hey, we all got issues right?
  3. Cloud Atlas I only saw this year because it nearly was not given European distribution at all so it can still count in 2013 for the purposes here because all the other movies under #5 to round out my list I pretty much hated. This one was incredibly long and interesting. I liked the makeup and all.
  4. Kick Ass 2 was a great sequel to the cult Kick Ass and highly entertaining. I was gonna say that this one shouldn’t have made it so high on the list because it is not exactly a cinematic masterpiece but the crop of high budget scifi was so terrible…
  5. Iron Man 3 was OK – far better than the horrendous Man of Steel and I didn’t see Thor 2 so can’t compare to that one. I am not sure if I would watch it a second time though.
  6. I think I least hated World War Z. Some of the special effects were OK but it was sorely lacking in consistency and Brad was frankly disappointing.
  7. Elysium was great for effects but piss poor in plot and pretty boring to be honest.
  8. The next on least hated would probably have to be…Star Trek Into Darkness just because Benedict (Sherlock) was in it. But it still sucked as a film – lame plot, tired old ST-TOS references…lame.
  9. Now it gets hard because the other ones were so bad..let’s put Pacific Rim here at #9 because it had Ron Perlman in it. But it still sucked – music too loud and no plot.
  10. Let’s put The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug here just because the dragon was so kickass. Movie still totally sucked though.
  11. Did I hate Man of Steel more than Ender’s Game? Well, finishing 11th and 12th on a Top 10 is already pretty insulting so I will let them share the shame of the Fino Lemons of the Year award.

Hmm, so far, nothing in 2014…let’s hope that 2015 with Avengers II and a the Dark Knight Returns and Star Wars VII (with Benedict!) gets us back on track! Or not.


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