TV Series: The Walking Dead S04E09 – The Aftermath Part 1: Rick, Carl and Michonne survive

The-Walking-Dead-Season-4-point-5-posterThe Walking Dead came back for the second half of Season 5 on Sunday. Yeah, I also find the split season thing annoying but as a friend recently said, “it is what it is”. I was frankly disappointed with the first half of the season because I felt the Governor story ending was a bit predictable. That being said, it had a few moments…but none as interesting as E09 where we see Carl and Rick and Michonne dealing with the aftermath of the flight from the prison. It was a really good episode for TWD I felt, particularly the Michonne storyline (probably my favorite character!). I thought that the film quality was better than in the prison or in the town – I prefer the out-in-the-open camerawork I guess. I also found that it gave more of an apocalyptic atmosphere as once again, each character is fending for themselves out in the zombie-infested Georgia countryside.

michonne-new-pets-the-walking-dead-afterMichonne, oh poor Michonne. I loved her dream sequence and how her sliding the katana into the knife rack gave it away as such. I felt such sorrow and loneliness watching here. It got me to thinking about what draws us to TWD: I think that we realise watching this that what is really critical for us humans is human contact – preferably with family and friends – and the lack of that is what drives the characters crazy – I felt this was most outstandingly displayed when Michonne went postal on the herd of walkers – even her own two zombie-pets. I felt so incredibly hollow and sad for her. It was as perfect a depiction of horror and loneliness as any that this show has brought us.

the-walking-dead-season-4-episode-9Carl certainly had some badass moments in this episode, but also some back-to-reality as he realised when he was nearly bitten. It was interesting to see the reversal between him and Rick, but I didn’t believe for a second that the TWD writers were gonna pull a Game of Thrones “Ned is Dead” moment on us. I’d gamble that Rick is here for the duration. But I do like how Carl is developing – much more of a real, visceral character now. It will be interesting to see how he evolves.

Next week, we get to see a few of the other survivors. I am having a hard time seeing how they tie in Neegan, Ezekiel, The Hilltop, and The Kingdom into this particular storyline, unless some of the stranded ex-Team Prison folks happen upon them in like E12 or something. It will be interesting to see how they pull this off. I would find it a bit annoying though if Team Rick became a shadow of the Stark family on GoT destined to never cross paths again…but we shall see, right?

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  1. There’s TV series called Aftermath. That is about zombie too.

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