TV Shows: True Detective S01E01-E04 – Extraordinary Bayou Mystery Show

True-Detective-Teasers-618x400I read about True Detective on a blog where they were pointing out a few of the new shows for 2014 and this one caught my eye when I saw Woody Harrelson in the photo. But, I have to say, Matthew McConaughey carries this show off and is truly spell-binding to watch. The makeup and the acting (as well as the righting) are better IMHO than recent cop shows I reviewed (such as The Bridge or Reckoning). So far, I think it is up there with some of the best TV I have watched in a long time (Breaking Bad still on an untouchable pedestal though). The storyline of a mysterious, ritual killing 20 years previous and the dual perspective from both 2012 and from 1995 when the murder occurred is original and captivating. But more interesting is the depth of the two main characters: Hart (played by Harrelson) and Cohle (played by McConaughey). Both are sociopaths in their own ways and uniquely adapted – at least for a while – to each other.

True-Detective-McConaugheyI suspect that many of my readers have NOT seen the show yet (it is only averaging 1.9-2.3M viewers per week so far) so I will not give you any spoilers. But, check out the photo here of Cohle and look at the one just above. Is that makeup incredible or what? And there is a third persona in Cohle who is off-camera – that Cohle doing the deep cover missions. We got a glimpse of that Cohle in E04 and that last 10 minutes of the show had me out of my seat with anxiety – that was the most intense 10 minute run of a TV show that I have seen in a LONG time. I was blown away but how they built and maintained the tension and how creative and yet incredibly realistic that the storyline was. I truly hope that – unlike many shows such as The Bridge – they do not reveal the full story until the very last episode so that this tension just continues to build all season. There are only 4 episodes left so perhaps they will hold this together until the end.

TrueDetectiveIf the last 4 are as well written and beautifully shot as the first 4, we could be in epic television territory here. It is a VERY powerful start and I hope it follows through. I love this vision of rural Louisiana – it feels so real and tangible – not necessarily Club Med vacation material but Deep South with no clichés and no holds barred real. I would HIGHLY encourage you to watch this one because I suspect that the finale will be mind-blowing if it is even a fraction of what was in the mid-season episode!



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  1. Ed M. says:

    Thanks for the tip. DLing all four eps, albeit slowly. Darn AT&T.

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