TV Series: True Detective S01 – First Impressions

Just wanted to capture my first thoughts after the last episode of True Detective. I feel that this last episode was a bit of a letdown to be honest. The philosophical conclusion was uncharacteristically optimistic for Rust and the tracking of the serial killer a little long. I thought that the recap of the various crime scenes was good filmwork but sort of filler so that they could go the full 58 minutes. I did love the music though.

As for the entire series, I loved the build up, the unveiling if the case, the extraordinary production of Woody Harrelson and the amazing acting of both he and Oscar-winning Matt McConaughey. Has anyone gotten and Oscar and an Emmy the same year? Even if I was disappointed by the ending, his performance was consistently over-the-top. Besides the Best Actor Emmy, this show should get best makeup. Plot-wise, I found the double timeline was well-orchestrated. I felt like if they were gonna go with the light motif at the end, they could have allowed the connection between Childress and Tuttle to stand. That was a little disappointing to be honest.

How about you, did you love this show? Is it the best crime show since The Wire? I am on the fence between True Detective and Top of the Hill and in the latter case (7 episodes rather than 8), the conclusion came at the same moment but seemed more satisfying somehow. Still, for 2014, this is the best I have seen so far – of course Game of Thrones starts in a few weeks and The Walking Dead S04-Part 2 has been good so far…


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