NSFCCDP Movie Review: 300 – Rise of an Empire – hmm, can you wake me up when it is over? UPDATED

300-Rise-of-an-Empire-HD-PosterAfter the graphical brilliance of 300, I had slightly decent hopes for this sequel that would follow the Athenians against the Persian navy knowing that Leonidas and his 300 were slaughtered in the former film. Well, it was pretty much a dud. Really uninteresting plot, terrible acting, repetitive graphics, WAY too many slowed down shots of blood spatter…frankly it got boorish and even boring. After the 3rd speech about Athenian freedom, I was practically rooting for Xerxes to win despite his obnoxious voice. The best graphics were clearly the underwater shots – a dream sequence – but that did not last more than about 2 minutes. Don’t waste your time on this one. Even Eva Green was flat and relatively uninteresting here. I hope that Her next week will raise the bar a bit!

I almost forgot to underline the ridiculousness of the sea battles where leading up to the conflict, we see these 50 foot monster waves with 1000s of ships just bobbling around in the wake (and yet the wake was never crashing over any of the helms and it was never raining). Then you’d see either Artemis or Thermistocles walking the deck with their soldiers on a stable flat and unmoving flat deck – now I have been on boats during even light chop and there is no way that no one would even stumble given the waves we see when the camera pulls back. Then in the battles themselves, the ramming tactic of the Athenians happens on placid seas and makes the sturdy Persian ships look like they were made of toothpicks. Oh, and by the way, the expression “Greek fire” comes from the fact that it was the GREEKS that burned the Persian fleet and not the other way around (thanks to 2112.net for that catch!). Yikes.


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