TV Series: The Walking Dead S04-Part 2 up to E13 – On the fence

the-walking-dead-alone-darylSo, are you guys enjoying the second half of Season 4 better than the first half? I am a bit on the fence personally. I think that the first part was great up until the last episode which reminded me of the end of season 2 when Herschel’s farm implodes sending everyone off like mice. I mean, I suppose that is a common occurrence in the Zompocalypse but it just doesn’t feel all that original since they already went there. Also, I feel like Team Prison is kind of like the Stark family in Game of Thrones – just like Arya, Bran, Sansa, Jon, Rob, and Catelyn will never see each other again probably – now we have the four or five (?) separate groups groping around. OK, so they found the way to the ominous named Terminus, but the tension around will they make it feels a bit contrived. I guess I am impatient to see how they portray Neegan and Elijah and Jesus – if they do at all.

As for E13 “Alone” last week, I felt uncomfortable with the Daryl-Beth combo – it seemed that she was really too young for him and that we were dangerously close to statutory there. As for her disappearing in the hearse just as Daryl fights off the herd, it was a bit predictable and how that Beth isn’t just a whiny Jewel anymore, it would be kind of hard to see her tortured by some reclusive, OCD psycho and his band. I was happy about the Maggie-Bob-Sasha group but agree with the after buzz podcast crew that Maggie waiting for them by the ice cream truck lying down in a group of walkers was creepy and out of character. I guess we shall see, right?

Three episodes left…so do you think that any major characters are going to bite it? Will everyone make it to Terminus by E16 and will Terminus be The Hilltop or The Kingdom or something else entirely? Will it be a temporary paradise or yet another hell on earth?


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One Response to TV Series: The Walking Dead S04-Part 2 up to E13 – On the fence

  1. Ed McBride says:

    The Darryl/Beth creepiness seemed less so when I found out that Emily Kinney (Beth) is 28. She seems much younger.

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