TV Series: The Walking Dead S04 – Who will survive

the-walking-dead-season-4-finale-rickLike, what, 15 million other people I enjoyed the season finale of The Walking Dead last week. The second half of S04 had been reminding me of the Starks on Game of Thrones, How long will Team pPrison remain separated from each other? There were a few decent episodes in there (Michonne’s backstory in particular), but some less interesting ones (the creepy Daryl-Beth episode). The finale itself with the perhaps (cannibalistic?) Terminus was pretty good – with Rick once again losing a piece of his humanity and Carl having to grow beyond his years. At least we got a modicum of “who made it” relief even if several characters are still left out in the wild. They certainly left an interesting situation for S05. And Terminus is neither The Kingdom nor The Hilltop so I will give the writers credit there for originality. I think many thought that Glenn would not make it and got a bit annoyed with E15 in that sense to be honest. As for the gruesome neck muscle showdown from Rick, if some sicko was about to rape my kid, I would hope I have the strength to put my life up for his but not sure I would go as far as eating the guys jugular – I think that was up there in the top 1 to 5 heinous scenes in TWD. Overall, this was a good season – probably as good as S03 and a little better than S02. I hope they avoid jumping the shark in S05.

Just now thinking about it, perhaps Abraham and Co will double back and save the crew? Only have a year to wait now until we find out…


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2 Responses to TV Series: The Walking Dead S04 – Who will survive

  1. Ed M. says:

    I almost gave up os S04 during the belabored Prison Illness story, however the second half of the season really redeemed itself. I think the character deep-dives were essential to move the show to more character driven than plot driven. Looking forward to S05!

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