TV Series: Justified S06 – Can’t believe that there is only one season left for Raylan

JustifiedSeason5_BWBannerxnvWhat a roller-coaster ride this season 6 was. After the reboot in season 5, we have a new villain in Danny Crowe who is an incredibly violent and crafty cousin to the inimitable loser Dewey Crowe. Damn, we even got to listen to an awesome Dickie Bennett tirade that Raylan is still able to use to manipulate him just where he needed him. Raylan of course gets a new girlfriend who predictably dumps him and he avoids his wife and new-born daughter for the whole show. He is a rather complex character our Raylan. Between the revelation of what really happened back in the limo with Nicky Augustine in what, season 3 or 4 right? and the subsequent fallout with Art and his strenuous relationship with Tim and Rachel (she kicked serious ass this season, didn’t she?), his work life was pretty much just as shaky as in previous seasons. The continuing Eva/Boyd saga had some new twists but Boyd was – as always – just simply awesome. Just NEVER ask him to give you a cigarette pack! I would put this year’s show up there with perhaps season 1 or 4. I think the best was still the Bennetts in season 2 and that Quarles the 2nd best bad guy, but this season had SO much comedy (the death of Danny Crowe was epic!)

For the last season, I hope we get to see Constable Bob and his go-bag again. Are you hoping for a happy ending with a Dairy Queen for Boyd and Eva? Do you think Raylan will move to Florida to be with Winona or get killed in the line of duty? Guess we all have to wait another year…


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3 Responses to TV Series: Justified S06 – Can’t believe that there is only one season left for Raylan

  1. Rick says:

    Loved this season. Went by too quick. So many parallel storylines that were all interesting. Thought Raylan’s new girlfriend was going to be part of a more sinister plot (perhaps employed by the Detroit mob or something), especially when they questioned her role in the break-ins. It would have been a good redirect to find her outside of that stuff only to have her be a key player in something else. Thought the girl who played Dewey’s cousin (sister/mother of the boy) was great. Eva in prison was another good storyline. And the relationship between Art and Raylan (with Art’s wife questioning where Raylan was when Art got shot) was also low-key but intense. Only 1 more season? Damn.

    Just started watching this season of the Americans. Started recording the new Fargo series.
    Hope to see you soon.

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