NSFCCDP Movie Review: Godzilla (2014) – Slow-paced but beautifully shot just missing some charisma

poster-blend-godzilla-2014-movie-wallpaper-1920x1080-widewallpapershdAfter a long lapse, the NSFCCDP headed out to the cinema this week for the French premier of Godzilla. There were four of us and for once, I was probably the most enthusiastic about the movie. I enjoyed the fact that the music accompanied the plot rather than overpowering it as in many recent Hollywood superhero/scifi flicks. I actually thought that the scoring was really beautiful (although, I selfishly admit that I would have loved to hear a little BÖC at some point :). OK, so the lead actor blew chunks – zero charisma and way too much of a boy scout – and Bryan Cranston’s roll was sadly too small here, but the monsters were pretty cool. While it is true that we had to wait a long time to see our Godzilla, there were some epic battles in there with the bad monster (who looked sort of like a pissed-off metallic cockroach). The pace was definitely slower than one would have expected from the trailers, but what I appreciated was the beauty of the cinematography – particularly in the sequence alluded to in the poster I chose for this post. Some of the monster fighting in the smoke looked like a nice homage to the original B&W Godzilla from 1954. All that being said, there were some ridiculous moments such the hero Brody (really? we aren’t supposed to thing of Homeland here?) pulling a service pistol on the mega-roach mom after he pissed her off?

I’d give this one a 3.0/5.0 basically on the scoring and imagery but not any higher due to the terrible casting of the hero and the somewhat dronish pace that nearly put some of my fellow movie-goers to sleep. Let’s hope the next X-Men and Edge of Tomorrow will raise the bar a bit in 2014.


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