NSFCCDP Movie Review: Edge of Tomorrow (2014) – Cruise in yet another SciFi Thriller

edge_of_tomorrow_2014_movie-widem.poulet and I went this week to see the latest Tom Cruise SciFi flick with Emily Blunt – Edge of Tomorrow. While not incredibly original – kind of a mashup of Groundhog Day, Elysium, and District 9 – it was entertaining and fun to watch. The music does not overpower the script. Emily Blunt looks like she could kick Tom’s ass – a fun change and maybe the first time since Top Gun that the leading lady was so sexily butch. The special effects were pretty cool and there was lots of humour as well. I guess the “kill the mother and all will fall” theme gets a little old after a while and I can’t figure out how Paris got flooded so badly, but hey, it is Hollywood right? I think Cruise’s best movie the last couple of years is still Jack Reacher, but I would put this one on level with the decent Oblivion. Emily has this badass sword but never uses it – in fact the fight scenes were quite confusing and perhaps a bit disappointing. That being said, the edits were intelligent and rather than telling us “this just happened” , we are allowed as an audience to interpolate and use our brains to piece the story together. This is not often enough the case so I definitely appreciated that.

In another off-year for Sci-Fi, this one is near the top of the pack. I haven’t seen X-Men yet and believe it will be a level higher than this one. Let’s chalk it up for a 3.5/5.0 and hope for a better 2nd half of 2014!


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