TV Series: Californication S07: The end for Hank?

Californication-300x300This year, Hank Moody flew off into the sunset from LAX back to NY just as he had arrived  at LAX seven seasons ago. Karen by his side and relatively optimistic. It has been a real interesting ride seeing him go through affair after affair, a rape trial, a movie, a TV show, books published and stolen…this was truly a rock-n-roll TV show worthy of Atticus Fitch (season 6) and especially Lew Ashby (season 2). I thought that season 7 was a fairly strong way out after lacklustre seasons 5 and 6. I enjoyed that most of the principal characters were brought back including Becca and Rob Lowe as the outrageous Ed Nero. The cameos of Michael Imperioli (from the Sopranos) and Heather Graham were nice bookends to this show and the plot does give us some closure when Rath suggests that Hank write his own story into a TV script. Of course, Runks and Marcie provide lots of humour with the pathetic and hilarious indecent proposal from Stu Beggs. I am going to miss this show a bit and wonder for ever now whether Hank and Karen can really ever pull it together…or not.


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