TV Series: Orange is the New Black S02 – Piper and Alex together again?

vibe-new-orange-is-the-new-black-season-2-shotsDuring my business trip last week, I binged on S02 of Orange is the New Black. If you recall, I enjoyed S01 last year and I was impatient to see where Jenji would take the storyline this year. I love the filming style where we get backfill on each of the women and how they ended up in the can. The acting is of extraordinary caliber – particularly Crazy Eyes! The bad woman this season, Vee, was really well-drawn as we didn’t see her as such a purely evil force until late in the season. I also loved how we dealt with the aftermath of S01 in the first episode and spent the entire second episode catching up with the girls in the prison without Piper there at all. The brief re-appearance of Mendez was excellent as was the fall of Fig. I don’t wish to spoil this for you so I won’t delve into the plot lines but suffice it to say that there are no dull moments here – some comedy but particularly great writing and acting. I don’t understand personally why this show is labeled as a comedy because for me it is closer to a human drama than a straight comedy and the depth of each character is beautifully filled in and all of them – well, except for Vee – become so endearing. If you have missed out on S01, I highly recommend a weekend binge – S01 Saturday and S02 on Sunday 🙂


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