TV Series: Penny Dreadful S01 (2014) – Slowmo horror mashup

Penny_Dreadful_title_cardOn a friend’s suggestion, I watched the 8 episodes of the Penny Dreadful series that aired this summer on Showtime. It was a mashup of sorts of various monsters from horror stories in Victorian London: Doctor Frankenstein, Count Dracula, and Dorian Grey. The pace was very slow and grueling at times but the graphics were decent and the acting – particularly Eva Green as usual – was good. I appreciated how the wove together the stories of the various monsters and how we got their backstory through flashbacks. I felt that the intense horror scenes were overbearing at times and found myself accelerating the pace on my iPad. Most of the scenes are shot in dark interiors, presumably to reduce production costs. The accents were those typical affected British accents that are donned in this kind of period piece but the writing was still pretty good. Rory Kinnear’s performance as Frankenstein’s monster Caliban was for me the most enlightening and convincing (you do end up rooting for him, at least I did). Josh Hartnett’s Ethan Chandler was a hard character to understand, even with the reveal (no spoilers here I promise) at the end. I guess I was left feeling that I did not quite get my 8h of entertainment out of the series. Will I watch Season 2? Probably at least the first two episodes…


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