TV Series: Gomorrah S01 (2014) – Great adaptation of the book and the movie

MV5BMTQ4NDM0MjI5NF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwOTE2MDUxMjE@._V1_SY317_CR14,0,214,317_AL_Roberto Savianno has got to be one of the bravest people on the planet. Having taken on the Camora (the Naples mob) in the book and movie of the same title (both of which are excellent) and having been assigned two bodyguards by the Italian government due to threats on his life from criminal groups, he continued his fight with the creation of a 12-episode TV show. The show portrays the brutal, gripping story of the Savastano mob family of Don Piedro, his powerful and uncompromising wife Immaculate, his immature and joy-loving son “Genny”. But the real protagonist is Ciro “The Immortal” who starts the show as Genny’s best friend and sees his position as the right-hand man slowly erode due to Genny’s self-delusionary power trip following his father’s imprisonment. OK, I am getting ahead of myself and even risking some spoilers so I will be more careful. The show is all shot in the ghettos and nightclubs of Naples where the Camora is still in power with non-professionals and has an even more realistic feel to it than the shows it has been compared to, The Wire and The Sopranos. Entirely shot from the perspective of the gang, it is uncompromising in its violence and it does not condescend to us as an audience. It is a highly articulate critique of our modern times where criminal power has become so entwined with business and politics that it is our own modern society cancer. It lies invisible but ever-present in the underworld and rarely comes to light but for the occasional brilliance of brave souls such as Savianno. As far as acting, Marco D’Amore does an amazing job as the complex character Ciro for whom we really want to cheer but as in the best shows, he makes it such a challenge. A must see.


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