TV Series: The Leftovers S01 (2014) – Interesting and Involving despite a slow pace

leftoversThe premise of a post-rapture suburban New York might seem a bit hokey, but the recent HBO show The Leftovers did a credible job of portraying it. Through its ten one-hour episodes, we see the way that people are driven slowly crazy by the mysterious departure of 200million of their friends and family. Some go as far as to create a creepy cult that dresses in white, is completely mute, and chain smokes called the Guilty Remnant. Some persist in maintaining a semblance of normalcy like Justin Theroux’s character Kevin Garvey (interesting choice of name given the Max Roach classic song Garvey’s Ghost based on the story of African separatist Marcus Garvey) but even his sanity is called into question. The performances of Liv Tyler as Megan Abbot and Amy Brenneman as Kevin’s estranged wife were both spell-binding. The plot moves slowly and as an audience we have to trust that the producers will make all the build up pay off and to a great extend this is the case in both episode 9 (the pre-Sudden Departure reveal of how everyone was before) and episode 10, the finale. There was a bit of Fight Club in the Kevin Garvey character which I found a bit distracting but I did appreciate the tobacco-spitting mystery man Dean (who may have been the equivalent of Brad Pitt, or not). But other than that, the show was highly original. The soundtrack was excellent with loads of classic rock tunes that I hadn’t heard in a long time although the brooding, foreboding theme music got on my nerves from time to time. Overall, an interesting and thought-provoking show that does make you question how you would cope should you be one of the Leftovers…


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