NSFCCDP Movie Reviews: Interstellar (2014) – Gravity with real actors and a better plot

Fimagesive of us went to the movies last night to watch Christopher Nolan’s latest scifi thriller, Interstellar starring the amazing Matthew McConaughey. As usual, I will avoid any spoilers here. The quality of the cinematography is excellent – on the same level as Gravity with that same spooky silence during scenes of high tension but happening in the void of space. There is some crazy physics here with wormholes and blackholes so geeks will have a field day. I am not a physicist so I cannot attest to the science here – most of the premises seem plausible, but there are several moments where I found it a bit challenging to suspend my disbelief. Perhaps that belies the Achille’s heel of Nolan who is trying to say so many things and cramming them all into three hours. This one comes off much better than the disappointing Dark Knight Returns, but does not have a Heath Ledger to place it next to the Dark Knight, and yet it still holds its own. In terms of recent science fiction, it is certainly superior to many of the recent bombs (Elysium, 2012, Battleship, etc). The acting here is far superior to that of Gravity (I’ll take Anna Hathaway any day over Sandra Bullock!) and the storytelling kept me involved for the entire movie (I wasn’t looking at my watch as I was in Oblivion after an hour and a half). My friends were all impressed with this one. Mr Twitter loved it and apparently even 24h later was still telling his wife about it. 2112.net, m.poulet and phi all enjoyed it as well – as the traditional post-screening beer discussion proved. We all found that there were some homes in the plot that we felt did not (fortunately) take away from the overall experience.

As for the plot of the film, it had pieces of originality but also had many homages to other classic SciFi: many sequences reminded me of 2001 and of course Gravity. The premise of a dying earth and a massive escape pod has been done before (the aforementioned horrible 2012 notably) so doesn’t strike me as incredibly original. The thing that sets it apart is the cocktail of physics and special effects along with the extraordinary performance of McConaughey. There is even the tiny possibility for a sequel at the end. I know, no spoilers! 🙂


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